How to Design a Website in Under 10 Minutes


Do you need a website for your business, new pet project or for one of your clients? Are you put off by the technical stuff? Don’t worry. There is a simple technique that you can use to get your website up and running in just under 10 minutes.

This technique is not only quite straightforward but will also allow you will design your website and then make any appropriate changes later on. Here are the proven steps on how to create a professional website in under ten minutes. They include; 

  1. Selecting a Domain Name
  2. Get hosting and the domain name
  3. Installing wordpress
  4. Add a New Theme
  5. Edit the Content
  1. Selecting a Domain Name

The first step when making a website involves the selection of a suitable domain name. To select a domain name, head on to Name Cheap and select select a name for your business or organisation. 

It is extremely important to understand that the domain name is equivalent to the registration of a business name, while hosting on the other is more like renting a street or shop, where people will be able to access the shop. 

For those who do not know what a domain is, it simply refers to a term that is used to describe a given website address. Domain is also known as the URL of a given website. Some of the common domain names that you may be familiar with includes, and

The domain name is extremely important mainly because it is how people who will be searching for your company or business are going to be able to find you. Clicking on your domain name after a Google Search will take people to your website. 

When selecting a domain name be sure to pick one that is readily available and not in use. Moreover, you should also ensure that you select one that clearly explains what your business is all about. Once you have come up with a suitable domain name, that will be the name for your website.

  1. Get Hosting and Domain

Once you have come up with a suitable domain name, the next step is selecting a hosting name for your company. Web hosting simply refers to a service which allows organisations or individuals to post a web page or website onto the internet. 

The web hosting service provider is the business which offers the services and technologies, which are needed for the webpage or website to view. The websites are then stored on special computers which are known as servers. On the link above, you should then click on the link Get Hosting and Domain. For only 99 rupees, you should be able to get web hosting services and a free domain. If you did not purchase a domain name from Name Cheap, then you can get a domain directly from your hosting company. Personally, I highly recommend Site Ground due to their first loading speeds and zero downtimes. 

Once you have made a purchase, you should then proceed to the third step.

  1. Installing WordPress

WordPress is ideal for beginners, mainly because it does not require any prior knowledge of coding or website designing. Anyone can easily create a website using wordpress. However, to use wordpress, you are required to install it first on your website.

To install wordpress, you should first head over to your web hosting account and then click on the tab, My Account. Once you have clicked on My Account, the next step will be to click on go to Cpanel where you will be able to create a free wordpress account. You will be required to enter a username and password.

After you have completed the registration process, you will be automatically taken to the WordPress Dashboard. The dashboard is where now you are going to be managing your website. Upon reaching this page, your website will now be live. 

Though your website is going to have a default theme, you can easily change the theme at any time, as discussed in the next step. 

  1. Adding a New Theme

To install a new theme, you will be required to go to ‘Themes’. There are a number of themes that you can choose from, however we highly recommend the Astra theme. The main reason why we highly recommend the Astra theme is because it comes with a premade design for your website as well as dummy content. 

If you have not used wordpress before then you should first go through this resource before proceeding. Moreover, you should also install the Astra plugin, which also comes with the theme. By installing the Astra theme, you will be able to easily customise your website with much ease. To install the Astra plugin into your wordpress account, you will click on ‘Plugins’. 

To select an ideal design, you should click on the link, ‘See Library’. However, before selecting an ideal design, you should first click on Elementor, which will render the editing process much easier for you. After clicking on the elementor, you can now select an appropriate design and then import the design to your personal website.

  1. Edit Demo Content

Eding the demo pages on your wordpress account is extremely easy. To edit the demo page, you should first go into the page that you plan to edit and then click on ‘Elementor’. You will be automatically taken into an editing section. 

To edit any given text, begin by first selecting it and then typing anything that you want on top of it. This process is applicable on all the demo pages throughout the website. If you plan on editing the header as well as the footer region of your website, you should click on customised. 

Upon clicking on customize, you will be able to see various blue icons on the website. To edit the menu sections as well as the logo, you should click on the blue icons and then make the various changes that you wish to. To edit the footer, use the steps discussed above. 

Finally, if you want to create a new page, there are two ways that you can use successfully. The first step entails creating a new page by dragging and dropping elements using the ‘Elementor’. Alternatively, you can also make use of pre made designs using template designs. 


With that said, creating a new website is extremely easy, when you use the steps discussed above. Always remember to select the Elementor theme, since it comes with premade websites designs, which will make the entire process quite simple.