Privacy Policy

The following Privacy Policy overseas Textwriter’s online information practices. Specifically, it clearly outlines all the information that we gather from our users while using Textwriter, as well as the ways in which Textwriter may use this information obtained. 

This privacy policy contains how information is used and collected, children’s privacy statement. It does not apply to any information that’s collected offsite or by any other means. Please, go through this document carefully. By visiting our website, you agree that the use of your information and any dispute that may arise will be governed by this document. 

Because of the fact that the internet is constantly evolving, we may make changes to our Privacy Policies from time to time. We will inform all of our users of any changes made to this document. By continuing to use the website after the posting of such changes, then you will be in agreement with all the changes that were made. 


How We Collect and Use Information

Textwriter may collect and store personal information and any other information that our clients/site users might supply to us while using our website. The company will only contact users who voluntarily provide their information through signing up for our services, using our services, purchase of our services and by signing up for newsletters. collects personal identifying information during online purchases and online registration. 

The information collected include name and email address. When purchasing a product, we will collect financial information, including credit card information, postal address. All this information will be provided to us by you, the client. also collects and stores information which is generated by the user as they navigate through our website. As an example, Textwriter will collect information about the user’s computer connected to the internet, which will allow us to measure traffic to the website and also enhance our service delivery. We might also use a feature found in all browsers known as cookies to enhance and tailor the experience of the user while on the website. 

By showing when and how the visitor uses our website, we will be able to deliver proper advertisements, identify unique visitors and also track the user’s trends and patterns. Cookies will also prevent the user from entering preference information on areas where they may have entered information before. 

Textwriter makes use of the information collected from the user while using the website in a number of ways including, advertisements which appear on the website, make offers available to the user through emails and direct mail. Textwriter might also provide your information to third parties like contractors, third party advertisers, publishers, and service providers. Unless stated otherwise by the user, Textwriter reserves the right to disclose to third parties or use the information collected from our users while they were on our website in any way and for any purpose like enabling Textwriter or third parties to provide you with a service or product. 

If you do not want your information to be used for any of the above-stated purposes, then you should write a letter to the administrator requesting to be canceled off any lists which will be used or given to third parties. 

Always keep in mind that any information voluntarily given online for viewing online including information on message boards, profile, weblogs, emails, and chat areas may be collected or viewed by unauthorized third parties apart from us. 

Other third parties who may place advertisements on our website may also collect information from you through web beacons, cookies, and technology. The information collected by these third parties may be used to tailor and adjust their advertisements to suit your needs better. 

Use and collection of user information are governed by the relevant third-party policies and not Textwriter’s privacy policies. On many occasions, the Privacy Policies of these advertisers may be different from Textwriter’s privacy policies. 

If you have any queries and concerns about the use of cookies by third parties, then you should visit the third parties website and then review its privacy policy. 

Textwriter may also include or display links to services and products to third parties, many of which we have no control over. When you access a different website through a link and purchase a service or product on the website, then any information that you will provide will be governed by the third party’s website privacy policy. 

We may also avail some products, content, and services to you through emails by cooperating with third-party providers, where third party brands might appear on our website in line with such services, products or content. 

Any information collected while browsing our pages in cooperation with our clients might be shared with our partners. In certain instances, providers/partners might opt to collect information directly from you. In such cases, the partner’s Privacy Policy is applicable. If you have any questions in line with the Privacy Policy, then contact the respective partner directly. 

You should be aware that might release information concerning our visitors when the release is appropriate to protect the rights, safety, and property of our users as well as comply with the law. 

In addition, you should also be aware as Textwriter grows we might be able to sell or purchase certain assets. In the event that we happen to sell our assets, then the information concerning the users may be shared among assets. 


Google Analytics

Textwriter uses Google Analytics to optimize our business. Advertiser features on our website include; 

  • Remarketing with Google Ads
  • Double click platform integrations
  • Google Display Network Impression Reporting
  • Google Analytics Interest Reporting and Demographics

By enabling such features, Textwriter is required to notify it’s users. We are also required to inform our users that Textwriter and third-party vendors make use of first-party cookies such as Google Analytics Cookies, third party cookies such as Google Analytics cookies and other first-party identifiers to gather information and data about the user’s activities on our website. 

Information collected from the users will enable us to contact you, especially in instances where you begin to fill a checkout form and abandon the form before completion. We may choose to send an email reminding you to complete the checkout process. 

A Remarketing Feature will assist us in reaching out to individuals who may have previously visited our website and match the correct advertising message. You may opt-out of Google’s cookies by clicking on Google’s Ad Settings. Alternatively, you may opt-out of third-party vendor cookies by visiting the site’s Network Advertising opt-out page. 



Due to the fact that we use Facebook in our marketing campaign, we may collect information or content from a Facebook user. Information or content collected will be used in line with this Privacy Policy. You agree to the collection of such information. 

Textwriter abides by Facebook’s policies on data use and restrictions. 

  • Any data received, collected or derived from Facebook Ads is only shared with individuals acting on Textwriter’s behalf, including service providers. It’s our duty to ensure that service providers acting on our behalf protect any data obtained by Textwriter from Facebook, keep it secure, confidential, and limit the use of that information. 
  • Textwriter does not use the advertising data obtained from Facebook for purposes such as commingling data across multiple advertisers, retargeting, or redirecting with tags or allowing piggybacking unless authorized by Facebook.
  • Textwriter does not transfer any Facebook advertising data, including derived, aggregate on anonymous data to any advertisement network, data broker, or monetization related services.
  • Textwriter does not use data or information obtained from Facebook advertisements to influence, augment, or edit user profiles.


Children’s Privacy Statement

The Children’s Privacy Statement explains Textwriter’s practices when it comes to the use and collection of information and data under 13 years of age. This statement also provides important information in regards to the rights of children under federal law in line with such information.

Textwriter is a website that’s not in any way directed to children under the age of 13 years. During the sign-up process, we screen all users to ensure that we do not receive personal information from children under the age of 13. If such information is found within our systems, we will immediately delete such information, including the associated user accounts.

If we happen to change our practices in the future, then we will introduce an additional step to obtain verifiable consent from parents before collecting such information from children.

Because we do not collect any information and data from children under the age of 13 years, we do not knowingly distribute these type of information and data to third parties. In addition, we DO NOT in any way encourage the participation of children under the age of 13 years.


How we store information

User information is stored in a list of servers which delivers content and messaging. User information stored on our servers can only be accessed by the company’s administrators. All messages sent by will include an inscribe button.

You may opt to remove yourself from our mailing lists at any given time by clicking on the unsubscribe button.



While it’s highly unlikely for Textwriter to change this policy, the company may choose to add additional changes. All changes made to this policy will be communicated to all users via mail.