Using A Blog to Build Credibility


Using a blog to build credibility will often lead to numerous money making opportunities. Once trust is established, getting clients becomes quite easy.

You may receive an offer to work on an e-book within your niche, or alternatively, you could also be asked to speak to a live audience as a guest speaker.

It all comes down to your niche and what you are able to offer.

However, one mistake that many new entrepreneurs and bloggers make is that they start selling their services and goods without building trust.

People buy from people they trust.

Hence, it’s important to build trust and credibility before one can begin selling a product or a service.

Like any other investment, blogging requires time, research and energy. You will also need to post content on your website on a regular basis.

Since your aim is to build credibility, it’s important to ensure that you generate quality and useful content at all times.

As a webmaster, you should remember that the most successful blogs and websites took more than three years before they began seeing an increase in the number of visitors.

Nonetheless, this should not deter you from blogging or building your website. Take your time to build your blog or website.

With that said, let us look at some of the ways that you can use your blog to build credibility.

  1. Create Quality Content At All Times

You should remember at all times that content is king. When creating content for your website or blog, always ensure that you share quality content at all times.

Content that will provide value to your readers.

One common mistake that many site owners make is posting substandard content on their website. This might be due to lack of skilled writers on their teams or taking shortcuts to create fluff content.

While this might have worked before, Google came up with new quality guidelines which dictate on how the bots rank articles.

Instead of sharing substandard content on your blog or website, you should hire experienced authors, who know how to create quality content. We have plenty of authors on our team who can do the heavy work for you.

If you intend or getting to Google’s first page, you should always ensure that you provide quality content for your visitors at all times.

2. Network!!Network!!Network!!

It’s important to point out that creating quality content for your website or blog is not enough. Credibility comes down to a number of factors and building solid relationships is one of them.

As a webmaster or blogger, you should constantly build a relationship with other bloggers, affiliates and sponsors who will direct traffic to your website.

Apart from just posting content on your website on a regular basis, you should always go through other blogs or forums from time to time.

Comment on other people’s posts, provide advise where necessary or share a tip or two. You never know where your next client may come from.

3. Post Regularly

Research shows that new customers will buy on the seventh interaction with your website or brand. Thus, it’s important to share content on a regular basis, so as to stay on your client’s mind.

Ensure that you keep your visitors or customers coming back to your website at least twice a week. You can achieve this through newsletters or through targeted advertisement.

There are several programs that can help you run a targeted advertisement. One such program is Mail Chimp, which will serve ads exclusively to people who have visited your website at one point.

The targeted advertisement is more effective than the cost per click or cost per impression since it has a much higher conversion rate.


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