What is SEO?

A Comprehensive Guide to Search Engine Optimization​

What is SEO

SEO refers to the practice of enhancing the visibility of a website to the users of a search engine. The term SEO does not put into consideration paid placement, but rather considers organic or unpaid results.

Because SEO helps a website rank much higher in a search engine’s rankings, it is extremely vital for businesses which are keen on acquiring new customers.

With proper infrastructure and mechanisms in place, the visitors can then be easily converted into customers. SEO being a broad field, it can target different types of searches including video search, image search, news search, academic search and many others.

Search Engine Marketing is a component that all businesses should incorporate in their marketing strategy especially in this digital age.

Incorporating SEO into your marketing strategy requires very minimal effort as you can outsource these services. Webmasters with minimal or no information on SEO can seek SEO services at affordable rates from various SEO service providers online. By hiring SEO experts or an SEO company, you will be able to give your website a greater chance of ranking higher on search engines.

Search Engine Marketing: SEO As a Marketing Strategy

It’s important to point out that SEO is not applicable to all website marketing cases. In certain cases, the use of social media marketing and paid advertising through PPC, which is a component of Search Engine Marketing can be more effective.

Search Engine Marketing refers to the practice of designing, optimising and running unpaid and paid priority ranking on search results. Unlike SEO, SEM emphasizes more on prominence instead of relevance.

Being a marketing strategy, SEO focuses on how the search engines work, the algorithms which dictate the behaviour of the search engine and the actual keywords used during searches.

Optimization of websites entails adding new and fresh content, editing the existing content on a website, performing HTML coding, and removing any barriers that may be preventing indexing activities. One popular SEO tactic is promoting a website by using inbound links and backlinks.

SEO Techniques: Common Terms Associated With SEO Techniques

There are hundreds of SEO techniques online that you can employ to improve the search engine ranking of your business or website. Then, there are those techniques that are acceptable, and then there are others that are somewhat far-fetched or go against search engine rules and regulations.

As a webmaster, you should refrain from using SEO techniques that go against search engine rules. In addition, if you decide to outsource SEO services, then you should advise the SEO company that you will settle for, to refrain from using black hat SEO techniques. Backlinking is one of the most commonly used SEO technique.

With that said, before looking at some of the most effective SEO techniques, it’s important to understand some of the most common terms associated with SEO techniques that you may encounter.
1. Indexing
2. White Hat vs Black Hat

It goes without saying, that you cannot get ranked without getting found by the bots first. The most popular search engines use crawlers to locate pages for ranking purposes and search results.

Thus, indexing refers to the process whereby search engines collect, parses and then stores data or information for use by the search engine.

Pages linked from other indexed search engine pages do not require indexing as they are already indexed. In the past years, popular directories Yahoo and DMOZ closed shop. These two directories required webmasters to hand in their submissions manually.

The submissions would then undergo a human editorial review before approval.

Unlike Yahoo and DMOZ, Google offers a Search Engine Console where an XML Sitemap can be created and then fed directly to the directory for free to ensure that all pages on a website Yahoo, on the other hand, functioned on a paid submission service.

However, because this was impractical, Yahoo decided to eventually discontinue this practice.

White Hat vs Black Hat
White Hat and Black Hat techniques are undeniably two of the most common SEO tactics. White Hat refers to the techniques that search engines approve, while black hat refers to techniques and procedures that search engines do not agree with.

Thus, most search engines are designed in a way that they can ensure the use of black hat techniques does not have a significant impact on a site’s ranking.

The most common black hat technique is spam indexing. It’s important to point out that unlike black hat techniques, white hat techniques will get you results which are going to last for a very long time.

On top of that, black hat techniques may lead to the banning of a site, permanently or temporarily. Any given technique that does not involve deception or conforms to the rules of a search engine can be termed as White Hat.

As mentioned earlier, there are hundreds of SEO techniques that you can employ as a webmaster or business owner. To learn more about the most effective SEO techniques for any business you can check out our post on the same. It’s more detailed and gives you a deep insight into how you can employ these SEO techniques on your blog or website.