Why You Should Outsource Web Content


One of the most common dilemmas that most business owners face is whether to outsource content or not.

Thus, we took the liberty of asking some of our recurring clients why they prefer to outsource their web content.

More than 80 percent of those we asked told us that they outsource web content due to two main reasons.

1. Little or no time to work on the content. Probably due to other engagements.
2. Content created by professionals performed much better in comparison to the content they created on their own; higher engagement and return on investment.

Apart from our recurring clients, we also took the liberty of asking other business owners who were hesitant to hire content creators. We also had to get a view of the other side of the coin.

Among 90 percent of the participants we interviewed, one answer stood out.

How will the author know what we need? (Personalised Content)

For quite a long time, businesses and agencies have been hesitant to outsource web content mainly because they are not sure whether the content creators will fully address the needs of the market, agency, or company.

So, what are some of the benefits of outsourcing web content?

Unique perspective
Outsourcing web content gives you the chance of bringing experts with exciting ideas into your team. It will give you a unique and exciting way of looking at things in a manner that you never did before.

Top quality writing
Content creators are professionals by trade. This, in turn, means that you will receive quality content at all times. On top of that, content creators will also include a call to action in your web content naturally. Salesy copies, articles, or blog posts are usually a turnoff for many prospects.

Cut costs/Space Issues
Outsourcing web content allows you to cut on unnecessary costs and even save on office space since the writers will be working remotely. On top of that, working with a freelancer means that you will be working on a project basis, therefore saving money in return.

Increased Exposure
Many content writers have been freelancing for several years. The value that they can bring to any team cannot be matched. Their experience in the content creation industry makes them qualified than in-house writers.

Hiring an experienced author alone is not the solution to getting personalized content. When done correctly, outsourcing web content will always get you personalized content.

Here are the steps that you should follow when outsourcing content for your business, website or blog

1. Asses your needs and budget
It’s important to first asses your needs and your budget as well before hiring an author. By doing this, you will be able to not only find a good writer, but you will also be able to estimate the period that the available funds will be able to sustain your content marketing campaign.

2. Trial/Test-test services to get a feel
Many at times, requesting a portfolio is not enough. It’s important to conduct a trial/test to have a much better feel of the writer, company, or agency. While starting, you can issue a trial project to see if the author’s writing style fits and meets your needs.

3. Categorize your content
Categorizing your content will help you establish which projects require utmost urgency. Doing this will help you to properly manage your budget by completing projects that require utmost urgency.

4. Give out all information to the writer
Another study conducted by Textwriter revealed that many failed projects in the past were a result of poor communication between the author and the client. Thus, it’s essential to top remember when providing your project description to give out as much information as possible.

Outsourcing web content is the way to go. It not only saves time but also helps you save on finances and office space as well. When writing content, it’s essential to ensure that you do not write content that’s too self-serving.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a simple way of outsourcing web content, you should give us a try. We’ve spent several years building a product that precisely does that.

Always remember when outsourcing content that patience is key and also be sure to share as much information as you can with the author or agency.